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Twin Springs

We were tasked with two main objectives when refreshing the Twin Springs package: 1. Create a premium, yet simple label design. 2. Connect visually to the original package. In accomplishing these objectives, we held onto the leaf imagery, water concept, and color pallet, but reinvented those elements to communicate serenity, minimalism, and nature in an elegant manner. Paper selection, foil stamping, and embossing were utilized to increase the quality of the package and the quality-perception of the product itself.  

Our Role

Brand Strategy, Logo refresh, Packaging design

Hover-Logos-Twin Springs.jpg

Client Testimonial

A successful brand, such as Twin Springs, will draw constant competition. We felt we needed a fresh new label to retain and grow Twin Springs’ market share, so we asked Wooddell Design to design an eye-catching label with great shelf appeal, one of the most important factors in sales is the label. WDCo designed an elegant, eye catching label which over-delivered for the wine’s price point, which in turn helped Twin Springs maintain its growth. Wes is wonderful to work with and very talented!

Susan Auler, Co-Founder of FALL CREEK Vineyards