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Luchador Margaritas

Chef Adam Gonzales came to Wooddell Design for help developing the brand and packaging for a line of margaritas he and his partner were developing. After pitching a variety of ideas, we chose to move forward with a luchador theme. The packaging came to life as we developed illustration work that featured a masked luchador facing off with fresh ingredients. WDCo set the foundation for fun and flavorful line extensions that will eventually feature new luchadores beating, squeezing, and pounding the pulp out of their opponents.

Our Role

Naming, Logo design, Packaging design, Collateral

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Client Testimonial

We went through 11 different professionals before landing on Wooddell Design. What luck. Luchador gets great packaging reviews in its industry and has landed 99.9% of all showings. With a good product and great look we are now in 5 states and have a national contract with RNDC. Wooddell's service and help with trademark and the changes needed was priceless.

Adam Gonzales, Co-Founder of Luchador Margaritas