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LIVE began with an amazing founder story when Trevor Ross saw his father consuming multiple cans of soda a day. Trevor decided to create kombucha that tasted like soda in hopes of helping consumers with their “Coke” addition. We partnered with LIVE to help redesign the packaging with the goal of positioning the product as a better-for-you soda, instead of being primarily positioned as just another option is a sea of kombucha. We gave the flavor a higher level of importance on the label and made typographic customizations to the script to harken back to a classic glass bottle of soda. Utilizing the print technology, we designed a vintage bubble pattern that reflects light and subtly communicates carbonated refreshment. 

Our Role

Brand Strategy, Packaging design, Website design, Collateral


Client TestimonialS

Wooddell Design truly gets branding and packaging, and they understand the concepts that drive consumers to your brand. Wes listens to your thoughts and ideas and then turns them into a product. Their direction and ideas are equal if not better than big, expensive agencies. WDCo played a pivotal role in defining new products and optimizing existing ones at LIVE. Their input helped drive revenue growth by expanding distribution with new products and increasing velocities in existing products. Wes is a superstar and I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

Trevor Ross, Founder & CEO of both LIVE Soda and Boundless Nutrition (OatmegaBar, Perfect Cookie, and Undercover Veggies)


Wooddell Design was an integral part of the design and packaging architecture. Their knowledge helped clearly identify and differentiate our products lines and make each stand out on shelf at the retailer. The best thing about them is that they will educate you and explain the reasoning behind every decision and move that is made. Wooddell Design made a packaging nightmare enjoyable. 

David Lalley, Director of Marketing at LIVE Soda